New publishing projects for multi-purpose use!

Sept. 7, 2015

Did you know that along with the hundreds of themed publishing projects, Purple Mash now contains an amazing selection of blank publishing projects?


This is an exciting development for us as teachers can cover any topic or event they want, encouraging pupils to think creatively whilst keeping them on track with prompts.


To show how easily blank publishing projects can be applied in the classroom, we have created a recipe, comic book, newspaper articlepostcard and leaflet. And you’ll find even more blank templates by logging into Purple Mash and going to Topic/Literacy/Blank Writing Templates, so go check them out before the end of term! 


Recipe template

Why not ask pupils to think about how they would make a healthy snack like a smoothie or salad? They could start by making a list of ingredients, and then decide on the steps needed to make the recipe.


Pupils are able to select clip art in the picture boxes or upload saved images from their desktop to show what’s being made. 



Comic book template

Let your class go wild with their imaginations to create their very own comic book using a blank magazine template. Start by getting your pupils to think of a main character and name for the story or use 2Connect, a concept planning and mapping tool that is new to Purple Mash.

Clip art will help the children build a story around the images they select or maybe they already have an idea and need to find or upload the images. Speech bubbles and text boxes can also be used to bring the story to life. 



Newspaper template


Pupils can report on the news by becoming a journalist for the lesson. They could interview their friends on a topic of their choice or be given a headline to work from.


Multiple pages can be added with text and picture boxes that can be personalised using the font tab and creative toolbar. Images can be painted or uploaded from the clip art or desktop. 


Postcard template

Get the class excited by asking them to write a postcard to a friend or family member about a memorable experience. This could be a day trip, recent holiday or fun activity.


Writing prompts are included to help children structure what they are typing and pictures can be inserted using clip art, the paint tool or uploaded from the desktop. 



Leaflet template


Why not create a leaflet on any topic you can think of using this useful leaflet template? Insert text and images and print the document off so that it can be folded into a leaflet. A handy tool for the classroom and nice idea for display boards.