New Serial Mash Books: Spring 2

Feb. 18, 2015

Spring 2 in Serial Mash is all about animal madness! Lower KS2 can enjoy a new chapter of 'Henry the Remarkable Elephant' each Monday and Upper KS2 can tune in for 'A Tiger's Path'. Each chapter comes with a comprehension quiz, an extended writing activity themed around the chapter and teacher resource sheet including SPaG exercises. 


Henry and his jungle friends are living happily until a group of loggers show up and threaten to destroy their homes. The animals rally but it doesn't look hopeful. However Henry is no ordinary elephant! Enjoy a new chapter each Monday and find out if Henry has what it takes to save the animal’s habitat. 

What would you do in the body of a tiger? That's not something most of us have to think about but for Tom it's the only thing he's thinking about! Follow Tom's story with a new chapter each Monday of the Spring 2 half-term.