No time to create your own grammar games?

June 5, 2017


The Text Toolkit is a great way to create your own interactive grammar games. 


But you don't have to make your own to take advantage of the resource. We've used it to design a wide selection of grammar games, and mapped each one to the national curriculum. 


The activities are organised into year groups, ranging from 'Hatching out' for younger children, through to 'Soaring Eagles' for more advanced pupils, and they can be found in the Grammar area of Purple Mash.


Try this new activity for younger children, or have a go at a favourite for older pupils.


You can view all the Text Toolkit resources, including curriculum maps and links to each activity here.


Little Red meets the wolf, from the Chicklets series for six to seven year olds, is one of our latest additions. Can you add the correct punctutation mark to the end of the sentence in time? Find out here




Do you know your passive voice from your active voice? Find out with Football time, from the Soaring Eagles range for ten to eleven year olds. Try it for free.



Find out more about the Text Toolkit here


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