Observations by Desktop

July 6, 2016


We're excited to announce a brilliant new feature in 2Build a Profile – observations by desktop!


The 2Build a Profile app is a great way to save hours of record-keeping time when you are using your tablet. And now, observations by desktop means you can benefit from the time-saving power of 2Build a Profile even when you do not have access to your usual device.


Simply upload an observation to the websuite from your computer, add a learner and tag it with a learning objective. It’s that easy. 


Photos and videos can be put directly into the websuite from a computer. This allows you to use a different device to record an observation and seamlessly add it to a learning journey. Whether you want to use a snazzy camcorder to record a video observation or you just need to grab the nearest device when something remarkable is happening, observations by desktops gives you the flexibility you require.


To find out exactly how this all works, read our super simple guide here.