Our top tips for surviving SATs week

May 9, 2019

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It probably feels like yesterday that you were sat with the leadership team, planning the 2018 SATs timetable arrangements and yet here we are once again with SATs week 2019 imminently approaching.

At this time of year, anxiety levels are undoubtably higher for staff and unfortunately for some children. Once SATs are over, some of the stress causing habits such as worrying about your pupils’ responses to SATs, lack of sleep, skipping meals and sacrificing aspects of your social life can be banished for a while, which can seem like a distant dream up to and during SATs week.

With less than a week to go, it’s more important than ever to placate stress causing habits. 2Simple have put together some top tips to help you and your children avoid unnecessary stress.

Our tips are:

  • Healthy body, healthy mind – Apply this to yourself and your pupils. Ensure non-negotiable allocated time is set aside for daily exercise.
  • Happy teacher, happy children – If you are happy, they are happy. It’s surprising how easily children can feed off your emotions and you off theirs. Do something each day that makes you happy, any negativity heading your way should be parked until after SATs.
  • Support – Check in with your fellow colleagues regularly. You maybe more hardened to the rigour of SATs than your fellow colleagues are.
  • Avoid dissection – Easier said than done, but after a paper do try to avoid dissecting it in your head and certainly never with other colleagues. Nothing can change after the paper!
  • Surprises – Everyone loves surprises. Why not ask each child to write down one thing they would like to do with the class during any ‘free’ time in SATs week. Each day pull out a random slip and make an idea a reality.
  • Revision – Last minute cramming can work for some but not others. Why not use creative ways to get essential concepts and knowledge recapped, such as using one of the many premade activities on Purple Mash. They even mark themselves!
  • Food, glorious food, oh and water – Have a brain fuel box to hand for any pupil throughout each day, where they can grab an apple, cereal bar or hydrating drink