Prove learning with the Data Dashboard

April 16, 2019

See all your Purple Mash data in one place with the Data Dashboard.

This powerful new tool gives you the power to assign curriculum judgements to any work completed in Purple Mash and make judgements against them. Choose from a long list of common judgement vocabulary or, if you can't find what you're looking for, define your own.

But the capabilities don't stop there. You can view and interact with all your Purple Mash data in the judgements section, where you'll see coverage of your whole curriculum within Purple Mash and the judgements made against individual strands and objectives. And to top it all off, when viewing the data you can access the evidence for each judgement made at the click of a button.

And, if you're wondering where the Scores Reports have disappeared to, you'll find them here in their new home. You can see all the same data and export it to Excel if you need to. 2Do's and Rewards can also be accessed via the Data Dashboard, so it really does put all your work and data management into one place.

Data Dashboard at a glance

assign curriculum objectives to 2do's

make judgements against work once handed in

choose from a long list of common judgement vocabulary, or define your own

view coverage of your curriculum and the judgements made against strands and individual objectives

see evidence for every judgement made

preview the work, make judgements and add comments all in one place, then move on with 'save and next'