Purple Mash for Blended Learning

Sept. 4, 2020

With schools returning this week, teachers, pupils and parents are preparing for the new academic year. But this isn’t a normal September start, Purple Mash can support you both in school and supporting those that may be remote working. We have been championing cloud-based learning since 2010. That's a decade of experience in running digital classrooms, managing homework, and getting support from parents. Powerful educational resources accessed through an easy-to-use interface makes Purple Mash the ideal platform for remote education, it also includes home access as standard. 

Purple Mash is all about creativity, communication, and collaboration.

Share work on our digital display boards, create interactive class blogs or stay-in-touch using our secure closed-circuit email system designed specifically for primary school children. Pupils can even collaborate in real-time on work and challenge each other in a range of fun online games. Purple Mash is a safe space for children and gives teachers full control over what is shared, having the quick login shortcut saved on the desktop or in your favourites will mean that Purple Mash can launch in one click, with no need for children to enter a password until they save their work.

An image representing remote education with Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Support for Offline Learning

All the writing templates within Purple Mash can be edited and differentiated to suit specific groups, with the ability to include more or less pictures and also edit prompts within the word box, enabling you to remove or add more boxes.

You can also add speech support as well as a checklist that be added to support the objectives of the lesson. There are videos within each template that will also walk you through the process of doing this. As well as editing resources and templates that we have created you can also create your own ones using 2Publish and 2Publish Plus. It may be the case that laptops are not as easily accessible to your class when you return to school in September, and for that reason all our templates and the ones that you create can be printed. The Purple Mash teacher’s section also includes printable worksheets that can be used to support offline learning with subjects including English, Maths, Science and Phonics, perfect to use if access to devices is limited.

Image showing a Purple Mash writing resource themed around Dreamtime stories by 2Simple Ltd
A tablet showing the 2Dos homework system from Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Setting work

Within Purple Mash, there is an in-built task management system, called 2Do, that lets you set work for an individual or whole class, you can also add the objectives to the lesson as well as setting the specific time and date range that you would like to set the work for. 2Dos can be set for whole classes, individuals, or groups of children – setting groups of children is easy to do within the admin settings.   You'll get notified when children submit their work and can instantly provide feedback. Set one of the thousands of ready-made resources already inside Purple Mash or create your own differentiated activities to use in class or for homework. As well as setting work within Purple Mash as a 2Do you can also upload a pdf, word, or PowerPoint document as a 2Do for children to complete.

Supporting Teachers every step of the way

The Teacher’s area has a range of toolkits to support subject leads planning for the year ahead, including our Computer Scheme of work, including overviews, knowledge organisers, medium term plans and individual lesson plans.  There are also our curriculum maps that you can use to show how Purple Mash covers the whole curriculum not just computing, as well as mapping for EYFS. Spelling and Grammar resources are also included with overviews and a spelling scheme for the year. Alongside this, there are a range of training options including webinars, 1:1 connect sessions as well as CPD sessions for schools. Teachers can also make use of our own training platform that will enable them to make the most of their subscription.

Home access

With home access included, there is also support for parents. The Purple Mash Parent Portal lets parents see what work has been assigned and when it is due in, as well as any teacher feedback. They can also see all the wonderful creations that their child has made in Purple Mash in and out of class. There's even a dedicated parent newsletter packed with helpful tips, as well as a range of videos that parents can access to find out more about the tools included in Purple Mash.

However, you use Purple Mash in September, we wish you all the best for this next term.

A teacher and pupil using 2Dos on Purple Mash by 2Simple