Purple Mash Games Design Competition - Winners

July 10, 2020

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Purple Mash Games Design Competition. We received over 8,200 entries in total across all three categories and across the 2Simple team we ensured each and every single game was played.

Individual Category:

Huge congratulations to Lara from Queen’s Park Academy for her game ‘Pets in Peril’. Our judging panel commented:

‘‘This was just a wonderful game! The theme was excellent and 2Paint a Picture was used to design the characters and scenery. All levels were different but tied in with the theme of ‘Pets in Peril’. We loved the very clear instructions and excellent music choices. Overall, this game put a smile on our face and we loved it!’

Well done Lara. You can play her game here. 

Pets in peril.PNG

Lara's Mum told us:

'That's wonderful! She's so excited!! She's jumping up and down with joy! Both my children have loved Purple Mash during lockdown and using all the lovely resources for their schoolwork. It has really helped a lot. They have enjoyed using all the creative activities like the games, the art and coding.'

Under the Sea.PNG

Family Category:

Well done to Caitlin from Yetholm Primary School and her family for creating an excellent game called ‘Under the Sea’. Our judging panel said:

‘This was a lovely under the sea theme with clear instructions and the levels get progressively harder. This game includes a 'beat' they have made and lots of elements they have drawn. We loved it!’

Congratulations to Caitlin. You can play the game here.

School Category:

Congratulations to Sophie from Boughton-under-Blean and Dunkirk Methodist Primary School who won this category for her game called Microorganisms on the Beach.

Our judging panel said:

‘This game is based around collecting hand sanitiser on the beach and the instructions are great. The music used adds a different layer to the game and we just loved it!’

Well done Sophie! You can play her game here.


Well done to all our winners. However, as we had so many entries it was really hard to choose just one from each category so we would like to share with you our highly commended games in each category. Please click on the title of each game to have a play!

Individual Category

  1. Magical Maze - Shawclough Community School
  2. Super Collect Mode - Shawclough Community School

School Category

  1. Crossy Road - South End Infant School
  2. Fairytales - Meadgate Primary School

Family Category

  1. Garbage Hero - Falcons Primary School
  2. Mal's Broken Bridge - Monton Green Primary School

Well done to all.

Highly Commended.png

Every single game was excellent with wonderful themes and in order to ensure every child gets an award, please download our Participation Certificate to congratulate yourselves.