Purple Mash space themed lesson ideas

April 14, 2016

Are you ready to boldly go where no teacher has gone before? There are dozens of space themed resources in Purple Mash. I've chosen four of my favourites that span EYFS to KS2.


Rocket in the search bar

You can see the finished activities on my Display Board below.


Give these a go in your own classroom!


If you want to find other space themed resources go to Topics > Science > Space, or try different search terms in the Purple Mash search bar. 


If you're logged into Purple Mash then use the links below to open the activity. 


Don't forget that you can assign space themed activities for children to complete using 2Do's.


Rocket Mashcam

Age: EYFS / KS1 

How to find: search 'rocket', or go to Mashcams in the Tools section

Curriculum Link: EYFS Framework - Expressive arts and design - being imaginative

Description: Use a tablet or webcam to take a pciture and turn yourself into an astronaut blasting off into space. Use the speech box to help the child draw or write about their experience. Alternatively you can record your voice to describe your journey. Mashcams are great for sharing on Display Boards. 


Alien Profile 

Age: KS1 (Year 2)

How to find: search 'alien', or go to Topics > Science > Space

Curriculum Link: National Curriculum - English - Writing - Composition

Description: Chose an Alien from the clipart or draw your own and then describe your alien. What does it look like? Where does it come from? What might it eat? Does it have any special alien powers? When you've finished why not discuss the different aliens you've created; what similarities do they share, and what might have influenced your ideas? 


The Planets 

Age: KS2 (Year 5) 

How to find: search 'planets', or go to Topics > Science > Space

Curriculum Link: National Curriculum - Science - Earth and space

Description: Use the clipart to lay out the different planets in the solar system and focus on getting the order and the sizes right. Then use the textbox to write about the planets. In my example I've put some interesting facts such as how hot some planets can get.


Send the Rocket into Space 

Age: KS2

How to find: search 'rocket' or go to 2Code in the Tools section. 

Curriculum Link: National Curriculum - Computing - coding 

Description: In this series of three activities you have to program a blast-off countdown timer, just like they use in the Mission Control Room at NASA. You'll need to master TIMERS and IF/ELSE functions to complete the task and watch your rocket blast off into space. When you've finished why not use the free code area to continue your space exploration. 


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