Purple Mash Throughout Summer

June 28, 2016

School may soon be out for summer but your pupils' free home access continues throughout the holidays as normal. Remember that you won't be able to give support to your pupils during this time, so to make sure children leave for the holidays knowing their login information, distribute login cards that state their usernames and passwords. If you need help with this, contact support@2simple.com


With the Rio Olympics, holidays, and hopefully some good weather, there’s a lot to look forward to this summer. Here are four example activities that capture the summer spirit and that children will love. You can see completed versions of all the activities mentioned here.



Creating a Summer Puzzle


Age: 3-7

Locaton: Tools > 2Do It Yourself > Puzzle
Description: Draw a lovely summer scene, like a beach or a picnic in the park, and easily turn it into a jigsaw-style puzzle with 2Do It Yourself. Try and put your picture back together or set a time limit and challenge friends and family to complete it in time!



Design a Sun Safety Poster

Age: 5-7

Location: Search ‘Summer’ > Sun safety

Description: Re-enforce sun safe practice over the hottest months of the year by creating sun safety posters. ‘Think about’ prompts encourage children to think about the best steps to take to enjoy the sun responsibly, and space for drawing and clip art means they can put their own creative stamp on it.




Design a new Olympic Logo


Age: 7-9

Location: Tools > 2Paint

Description: Every Olympics has a specially designed logo. Try to make a great logo for the next Olympics, which will be in Tokyo in 2020.



Create an Olympic Athlete Profile


Age: 9-11

Location: Search ‘Olympics’ > Sports Star Profile
Description: Use the internet to research your favourite Olympic athlete at Rio 2016 and use this writing template to create a fact-file with the information you have gathered.


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