Safer Internet Day - Dot Com Digital

Feb. 3, 2020

Safer Internet Day (February 11th) is celebrated globally each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people and inspire a national conversation.  Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, the celebration sees hundreds of organisations getting involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

The day offers the opportunity to highlight positive uses of technology and to explore the role we all play in helping to create a better and safer online community. It calls upon young people, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies, policymakers, and wider, to join together in helping to create a better internet.

Each year a different theme is explored.  The theme this year is #Freetobeme and looks at how young people manage their online identity and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others.

On Safer Internet Day this year why not make use of our brand new free resource for schools, Dot Com Digital. Launched at Bett earlier this month this new safeguarding and wellbeing product provides a unique programme that supports children's personal development and offers a safe environment for them to learn the skills to lead a safe and happy life.

People can sign up from the "Free Sign up" button to access the free version of Dot.

The Dot Com Digital Logo by 2Simple Ltd

Dot Com Digital is an enhanced digital version of the Dot Com safeguarding programme which was developed by children and Designated Safeguarding Leads. It's been in schools for over 15 years, delivered through paper journals with the support of the police and Home Office. Dot is a cartoon character who talks to children in their own language helping them learn how to speak up about issues which frighten or worry them.

Sharon Doughty, the creator of the Dot Com programme, explains in the video below why she created the Dot Com programme and how it can help all students find their voice. You can find out more about Dot Com Digital by signing up for a webinar with Sharon at 4pm on February 13th here.

Key features and benefits of Dot Com Digital: 

  • Dot Com Minute:
    The pupil at any time can click on the Dot Com Minute button which will send a request to the teacher for a face to face discussion about issues that are frightening or worrying the child. The teacher will be alerted and able to respond immediately by pressing a button. The teacher will be able to store information about why the Dot Com Minute was requested and what outcome was achieved for the child and school.
  • Children will learn about Dot, her family and friends:
    A key area for children on the Dot Com Digital site is the Character pages. Here the children will be able to explore them and engage in non-obligatory activities associated with the characters. Each time a pupil engages in one of the activities, a log is recorded in the pupil activity page, which teachers can see and also within their eJournal.
  • Emotions & feelings capture:How are you feeling today?’
    Each time a pupil logs into Dot Com Digital, they will be presented with a capture form where they can express how they are feeling by selecting an emoticon, painting a picture or writing a short piece of text.
  • My eJournal:
    The ‘My eJournal’ area of the site, is a fundamental component of Dot Com Digital. Any activities the children complete will be logged in here including the ‘How are you feeling to today’ capture form. Pupils can reflect upon their eJournal at any point.
  • Teachers Area:
    Teachers will be able to access session guides housed in their relevant year groups, supporting resources such as videos and even printable display content. Within each session guide, teachers can easily set projects for their children that link to the session. Flexibility is stressed, if more than one activity is associated with a session, teachers can set as many or as little activities as they like for their children.

The sessions within the free area that are most suited for Safer Internet Day are feeling safe and your uh-oh signs with lessons for Years 2, 4 and 6 although these can easily be adapted to suit a broader range of ages. It's advised that teachers read the Quick Start Guide in the getting started section before the sessions are delivered in class. Each session includes the aims of the session, success criteria alongside all the resources available both online and to print in order to deliver the session.


The sessions cover a range of aims including:

  • To understand how they experience a range of feelings in different circumstances and describe the effect of these feelings.
  • To understand what ‘safe’ can feel like and how this is different for different people.

Alongside these sessions, the children can use this poster template to create a poster for our Safer Internet Day Competition based on the theme #Freetobeme using the characters from the Dot Com Digital resource. Once the children have created the resource you can send us the image via Twitter and Facebook and tag us in @2SimpleSoftware and include the #Freetobeme, or, email it to us marketing@2simple.com. The competition will run from Feb 11th to the 21st February. The winning entry will receive a printed poster that they can display in school as well as a subscription to the premium Dot Com Digital resource when it is launched later this year.