Safer Internet Day with Purple Mash (9th February)

Jan. 29, 2021

Over the years, Safer Internet Day (SID) has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar, with schools across the world getting involved to create a safer environment for all online. Now celebrated in over 150 countries worldwide, and in its 18th year, Safer Internet Day (9th February) aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and chooses a topic reflecting current concerns. This year the theme is: ‘An internet we trust: Exploring reliability in the online world’. Whatever your school is planning for Safer Internet Day, don’t forget to register as an official supporter of the day and to download your school’s certificate. 

At 2Simple, we’re celebrating Safer Internet Day with Purple Mash offering several free resources that you can use in your classrooms. By focussing on reliability in the online world, we’re offering pupils the chance to explore the theme using the following resources.

The resources below are free whether you subscribe to Purple Mash, or not.

  • Safer Internet Day Quiz: A quiz to test the understanding of this year’s theme looking at consent and permission.
  • SID KS1 Animal Activity: Choose an animal and think of something that is true, untrue and an opinion. Then have a go at making up your own fake facts for a website about the moon.
  • Advertising Poster: What are adverts? Why do we have them? Where would you see or hear them?
  • Advertising Quiz: Use your knowledge about advertising from your Safer Internet Day learning to answer these questions.
  • Email Authenticity Poster: Create a poster to inform others of clues to look for when checking the authenticity of emails.
  • Fake or Fact Article:Read the article about an ancient discovery and then decide whether the article is factual or not.
  • Phone Calls Activity: Listen to the Phone Calls here and then use this writing template to record your thoughts and conclusions for each of the phone calls you listened to.

Purple Mash Subscriber Specials

2Email is one of our most popular resources on Purple Mash and we have created activities you can use should you be a Purple Mash subscriber to support your use of 2Email. You can use our Impulsive Communications 2Respond activity to explain how impulsive and rash communications online may cause problems and how you would support others. We have also created a Fake Email 2Respond activity where a child receives an email that is fraudulent. Can your pupils spot the signs?

An image showing the 2Email logo.jpg

For the teachers

Watch our recent webinar 'Preparing for Safer Internet Day' and access our free resources below.

Some of the resources* have been kindly shared with 2Simple from Childnet. They are available for a limited time after Safer Internet Day on the 9th February 2021. Please refer to Childnet if you require them beyond Safer Internet Day.

We have partnered with UK Safer Internet Centre and Amazon Web Services to put together the Exploring Reliability in the Online World Parent Guide to support parents in recognising the reliability of the information that you encounter online and being able to advise your children enabling them to grow into a responsible digital citizen who is able to keep themselves safe while, at the same time, getting the very best from the digital world.

*The Poster, Social Media Activities, Quick Activities and Assemblies are resources shared by Childnet. Please download their resources here should you wish to use them past Safer Internet Day.