Scotland visit 2018

Oct. 15, 2018

On the 3rd October, two members of the 2Simple marketing team visited various schools in Scotland. The aim of this visit was to see how the children were progressing with Purple Mash and how it is aiding their learning.

Throughout the day, Billy and Jazz engaged with the pupils from Ralston Primary School who showed off their fantastic coding skills. One pupil even recreated Mario with 2Code and confidently described the logic behind the code.

The children at Ralston were clearly engaged with Purple Mash, but since the school didn’t have the funds to subscribe, it was almost a very different story. Luckily, the PTA rallied round and managed to raise the money for the subscription. Buying this program has been proven to have benefitted the pupils immensely.

children on computers.jpg

There are also other ways to raise enough money for a subscription if a school is low on funds. A scheme called Rocket Fund helps schools raise enough money through crowdfunding. This could be through donations from the local community or the PTA. For more information on this scheme, visit the website

children on computers.jpg

Computer Leader Natalie expressed her personal experience with Purple Mash thus far:

“Purple Mash is a fantastic online resource to help pupils with their ICT skills. The tools available for them to learn with are user-friendly and very engaging. Not only is it user-friendly for pupils but it is for teachers too. This was my first year using this programme and I think it is brilliant! I have been using the lesson plans provided, which I can easily differentiate and adapt to suit my pupils’ learning abilities. My pupils love coming to ICT to use Purple Mash, especially to code their own programs and games!”.

After a captivating afternoon in Paisley, it was off to St Ronan's in the much more rural Alexandria for a Mash Meet. The Mash Meet compromised of five teachers from different neighbouring schools, many of which already had subscribed to Purple Mash. They discussed the program and how they utilise it on a day to day basis in an informal session, led by experienced trainer Rhona Mackenzie. Jazz and Billy updated the teachers on relevant additions to the software and everyone there asked and answered some very interesting questions.

Mash Meets are a great and free way for teachers to meet collectively together from the same area, as well as gain relevant information and updates on Purple Mash. They showcase the latest tools and content available and take place in a relaxed and open environment. If you think you would benefit from a Mash Meet, click on the link to book your slot: