Security changes, what it all means!

May 2, 2017

In the past school administrators could set and change passwords for teachers, but now teacher's passwords will be encrypted. This means that teachers need to set their own passwords. If they forget their password they can reset it using the 'forgotten password' links. As well as being more secure, the new system will speed up the forgotten password process.


The important part about the change is that teachers will now need a valid email address in Purple Mash. This is because the 'forgotten password' function works via email.


These changes will come into effect on May 16th 2017. Please note, you will still be able to see and edit children's passwords, these changes just affect teacher logins. 


If you have any uncertainty just follow the steps below. 


1. Where to go

Everything happens in the user management area. Log in to Purple Mash, click 'Admin' and then 'Create and manage users'.

Where to go to add email addresses in Purple Mash.




2. Check for missing emails 

The user management system automatically detects setup errors. It will tell you how many staff are missing email addresses (as shown below). Please note, if you added email addresses a long time ago it is worth checking them over to make sure they are up-to-date.  

Checking for missing email addresses in Purple Mash



3. The Staff page

Click 'Staff' on the side menu. Now you can easily review all of your staff email addresses to see if they are up-to-date. 

The staff page in Purple Mash.



4. Editing email addresses

Double click on the name of the teacher you want to update and add or edit the email address field, then press 'Save'. There is also 'Send Password Link' button, this will send a password reset email to the teacher. 

Editing staff in Purple Mash.



5. Verifying email addresses 

This step will be done by the teacher after May 16th. When teachers log in they will be asked to 'verify' their email address. This done by going to 'My Account' in the 'Admin' area, and clicking 'verify email'. They will receive an email with a verification link. 

My account area in Purple Mash


My account area in Purple Mash



We hope this guide has been useful and clear. If you have questions you can contact the support team on or +44 (0)20 8 203 1781.