Get your kit on with Sport Relief

Feb. 27, 2020

Sport Relief has been part of schools diaries since 2002 and this year the theme is 'Game On' with pupils being encouraged to get their kit on to help tackle poverty and injustice.

Sport Relief inspires the nation to raise life-changing amounts of money and take on some of the world’s most pressing problems through the power of sport. This could be through a game of staff v student football match, or a danceathon, possibly even a sponsored netball match to raise money for great causes both at home and overseas.

There's a range of resources available on the Sport Relief website that schools can use to plan both before and on the day both for Primary and Secondary schools. There are posters to highlight events within the school, films to show and use within PHSE lessons, assemblies, topic maps for KS1 and KS2 as well as activities for tutor time.

They've even launched their official Sport Relief schools’ song 'It’s Game On! ' This is great to learn and use in assemblies or before any matches as a way of raising team spirit.

On the day, or during the week, why not try one of our lessons from our PE and Wellbeing digital platform Striver. It's been created with the sole purpose: To improve primary aged pupils’ (5-11) long-term physical and mental wellbeing. We do that by ensuring children of all abilities feel motivated and engaged, and teachers of all experience levels feel confident and in control. It's the only PE scheme of work that includes health and wellbeing lessons. Over 250 PE lessons, supported by six wellbeing units, all housed in a web-platform that minimises the time required for admin, without cutting any corners. You can download a free sample pack which includes Basketball and Yoga lessons and sign up for a free trial to use the resources during the week.

A digital, paperback and audio copy of Striker Boy (in aid of Mind) by 2Simple Ltd

It would also be a perfect day to read Striker Boy, a page-turning football thriller, with plenty of action both on and off the pitch. We launched the Striker Boy campaign in 2017 to raise money for Mind and promote wellbeing in the education community. The campaign is in memory of Jonny Zucker, former primary school teacher and author of Striker Boy. As well as being a great story, Striker Boy is supported by a range of free resources. These include a literacy activity pack, an emotional resilience activity pack, and an emotional resilience assembly PowerPoint.

If you’re a Purple Mash Subscriber we've grouped together a range of resources that can be used during the week and have even made the Sport Relief report free for anyone to use during the week, to write up what pupils get up to.

We hope that you have a great day, whatever you get up to. Share your fundraising ideas on twitter @comicreliefsch or search #SportReliefSchools for fundraising ideas and the latest information.