Stress Awareness Day 2019

Nov. 5, 2019


We all know what it's like to be stressed and feel that we are under pressure; it’s annoyingly a normal part of life. That's why today we are supporting National Stress Awareness Day, which encourages people to think about and understand ways of eliminating some levels of stress out of everyday life. Being overwhelmed by stress can lead to mental health problems or make existing problems worse, so today, think of ways that you can manage your stresses.

In teaching, stress can present itself in many ways. We know that it's stressful planning lessons, becoming a specialist in a subject you are not confident with, or having to present reports to your SLT or Ofsted with little time to take a lunch break or really wind down at the weekends.

Our aim at 2Simple is simple. We design our services to reduce your teaching workload and allow you to save time with pre-planned lessons, assessments and reporting; allowing you to feel confident teaching any subject.

Purple Mash is a whole curricular resource, made to support teachers in different subjects, with detailed lesson plans, schemes of work and encouraging pupils to love and enjoy learning.

Evidence Me has been created by teachers, for teachers with the aim to reduce workload through automated objectives and suggesting next step objectives. The app also has access to parent share with several report types for you to pull reports quickly and in suitable formats.

Striver is our newest digital platform and contains PE and wellbeing units in one place. Striver aims to improve pupil’s physical and mental wellbeing, whilst encouraging a growth mindset. With over 250 lesson plans available, we want anyone to have the ability to teach PE and wellbeing and to make it more accessible, this is available with or without WiFi.

Free 14 days, no-obligation trials are offered with each of our services.


We also have several FREE resources available to yourselves even if you are not a subscriber to any of our platforms.

We want to help you eliminate your daily stresses and create software and resources accessible to all.

If you are struggling with stress and feel that this is affecting your mental health, please visit mind.org.uk for more information about how they can support you.