Striker Boy and Coventry City Football Club

Oct. 30, 2017


At the beginning of the season we started contacting all 92 league clubs to ask for their support.

We told the clubs that we wanted every team to stand together as one in support of all those experiencing mental health problems.

Coventry were one of the first teams to get back to us, and their response was a resounding ‘yes‘.

We remember that day very clearly because we couldn’t quite believe that we had the backing of an FA Cup winning team!

The Sky Blues have featured the campaign on social media and on their website, read the article here.

We are also hoping that it will feature in the match-day programme for the game against Mansfield Town. This would be particularly meaningful as Mansfield have also given us their support.  Whilst the 22 players will be competing fiercely on the pitch that day, there is no rivalry between the clubs when it comes to showing their support mental health awareness.

Sky Blues we salute you!

Show your support and pick up a copy of Striker Boy here.

If you’re not a Sky Blue and you’d like to know if your club is supporting the campaign tweet us @2S_Wellbeing and we’ll let you know.