Striker Boy and Leicester City FC

June 4, 2018


Few teams have captured the heart of a nation quite like Leicester City did when they won the league in 2015/16.

Sadly, it was also around this time that father of three Jonny Zucker took his own life, he was 49 years old. He had lived with mental health issues since his early twenties. Jonny was a much-loved primary school teacher turned author who had over 100 books published. We have republished his greatest book, Striker Boy, to raise money for the mental health charity Mind. As well as raising money, we have been running emotional resilience workshops for primary school children. We host the workshops at football clubs and the sessions are free to attend for local schools.


Running the workshop at Leicester was a really special moment for us and the children and club staff were all fantastic. The club also generously donated a Leicester shirt as a prize in our writing competition. The competition runs until July 8th and has some really fantastic prizes.

You can pick up your own copy of Striker Boy here. As well as getting a fantastic book you’ll be raising £1.40 for Mind, to help support people experiencing mental health issues.