Striker Boy and Yeovil Town Football Club

Oct. 18, 2017


Jonny Zucker was a huge fan of football and as well as being an author he was also an FA qualified coach.

Ever since he was a teenager he’d always wanted to write a football themed thriller, and Striker Boy was that book!

That’s why we decided to reach out to all 92 league clubs and ask them for their support.

The response so far has been absolutely incredible, almost every club we’ve contacted has come on board.

Clubs are supporting the campaign in various different ways from featuring it in match-day programmes to running stadium events.

The very first club to publicly support the campaign was Yeovil Town, who put it in their match-day programme for the game against Colchester United on Sept 30 2017.

This was was a really special moment for us! There will be many more clubs to follow but Yeovil will forever be the first.

You view the article on Yeovil’s website here.

Show your support and pick up a copy of Striker Boy here.

If you’d like to know if your club is supporting the campaign tweet us @2S_Wellbeing and we’ll let you know.