The Striker Boy National Writing Competition

Nov. 7, 2017


It’s the night before your first team debut, hundreds of thousands of people will be watching, will they really believe you’re 16? 

To enter the Striker Boy writing competition, children need to imagine they are Nat Dixon, the main character in Striker Boy, and write a 200 word diary entry.

It can be based around any event in the book or it could be a made up event that happens in the past or future.

There are already some fantastic prizes on offer, and there are some extra special secret prizes that will be announced at the end of the competition. We can’t say any more than that, we’re sworn to secrecy!

Our PDF Competition Pack gives you all the key information, plus a diary writing planner and worksheet.

The competition is aimed at children aged 9 to 14, but Striker Boy fans of all ages are welcome to take part*.

This special not-for-profit edition of Striker Boy has been published to raise money Mind, the mental health charity.

Schools can benefit from discounts on multiple copies of Striker Boy and download our full range of free classroom resources here.

Parents can pick up a copy of Striker Boy here.

  • Entry closes on July 8th 10th 2018.
  • All entries must be submitted by an adult on behalf of the child/children

*We will take age into consideration when doing the judging.

£1.40 from the sale of every copy is donated to Mind. The money we raise will help to ensure that every person experiencing a mental health problem receives the support and respect they deserve.