Summer Themed Activities

June 28, 2016

Search 'summer' in Purple Mash

Celebrate the start of summer with these Purple Mash themed activities. You can find all of these, plus lots more, by searching 'summer' in Purple Mash. I've had a go at all of them myself - click on the Display Board below to see finished examples. 


PS There's a Snickers bar and a can of Coke for the first teacher who can guess where I went to University. Answers on a postcard to Sam de Lange, 2Simple Software, 2-10 Baron Street, Angel, London, N1 9LL  


Painting beach huts

Age: EYFS / KS1 

Location: search 'summer', or go to Topics > Seaside > Beach Huts

Curriculum Link: English + Art and Design

Description: This scaffolded template stops you going over the lines allowing even very young children to design a classic summer scene. Start by choosing one of the textured pens, then get to work painting colourful beach huts. Finish off by writing a descriptive sentence beneath the picture. These are perfect for showing off on Display Boards. 


Summer holiday narrative writing   

Age: Lower KS2

Location: search 'summer', or go to Topics > Seaside > Summer Holiday

Curriculum Link: English 

Description: Use the themed template to write about a past or upcoming summer trip, the 'think about' prompts and sentence starters will help guide the writing. You can add images from the clipart library or import your own.  


Holiday resort persuasive writing 

Age: Upper KS2 

Location: search 'summer', or go to Topics > Persuasive Writing > A Seaside Resort

Curriculum Link: English 

Description: Watch the introductory video and think about the types of information you usually find in a holiday brochure. Use the themed template to create your brochure, the purple arrows will let you fold out the pages. As an extension, read the finished brochures collectively, discussing which one made you most want to visit the place and what persuaded you. 


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Summer themed activity Purple Mash Display Board