Switch to the new Purple Mash today

May 4, 2021

We are so excited to announce the official launch of the newly designed Purple Mash!

When you login to Purple Mash today you will have the option to trial the new look Purple Mash before you are officially upgraded. The trial period will last for approximately 8 weeks, after which we will gradually switch all users to the new look Purple Mash.

There are so many new features that you can check out today!

Watch our quick overview:

The fresh new look that you’ve been asking for: 

We have a brand-new look, but Purple Mash is still packed full of all the valuable resources, apps and teacher tools you love, just now with a fresh new look and easy to use layout. Perfect for keeping your learners, of all ages, excited about learning.

New Home Screen.png

Improved navigation:

Save time finding the tools and support you value most.

From the home screen you can quickly browse by both subject and topic enabling you to quickly and easily find resources. The Teacher Tab also enables you to easily find Curriculum Maps, Professional Development and information on how to support parents.

Improved Navigation.png

The new Profile drop down keeps all your key administrator functions in one accessible place. This means you can quickly access support, settings and edit your background and avatar.

Personalised Layout.png

Personalise your background:

With the new Purple Mash, teachers and pupils will be able to set their own background from a range of options.

Whether your pupils are into space or fascinated by the ocean, the flexibility is in their hands.

Some of the backgrounds provided are also topical, which means children can change their backgrounds to suit content covered in class. Are you going to be in space or exploring the Great Fire of London?

Simplified Work Area.png

Simplified work area:

We've decluttered the "My work" area and made the view more user friendly. Everything you need is still there, however now you can work in different views whether this be picture or list view, by clicking on the icons. If you click on the dots, you can quickly mark, set judgements and comments. All the tools you are used to are now in one easy place.

Simplified sharing:

There is now an easy way to view shared boards. This has been made more user friendly so you can easily find the boards and the settings.

Simplified Sharing.png

It's the little things:

You'll also notice lots of little improvements to the way you view and engage with Purple Mash. For example, in the 2Dos area it's now easier to see active and completed 2Dos, with an option to order by date.

Simplified 2Do's.png

We would love to hear what you think about the new look Purple Mash. Either send us a tweet, Facebook us, or fill out our feedback form here.