Celebrating Christmas with Purple Mash

Dec. 1, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At this time of year primary schools across the country are preparing for the Christmas nativity, searching for the missing wise man, wondering how on earth they are going to get the glitter out of the carpet, hoping that the staff room is full of chocolate treats and working out which Christmas card delivered into the post box needs to get to which child.

For all those in between moments 2Simple have a range of stocking fillers and Christmas activities to see you through the weeks ahead; from writing projects, to paint projects to mash cams and games there is something to suit every year group over the next couple of weeks.

How Purple Mash supported Hillside School in teaching

Sept. 13, 2019

Staff were introduced to Purple Mash at Hillside School after being identified by Aberdeenshire Council as a school who would be enthusiastic and keen to welcome a pilot. This was led by Fiona Lindsay and started after the Spring break. Fiona had previously used Purple Mash when it had been available through Glow. Staff were positive about using the resources available to them.

Commonwealth Games

March 14, 2018

Get set for the 2018 Commonwealth Games with Purple Mash

commonwealth 2018_400px