Thank you - #thanksnhs #thanksteachers #thankskeyworkers

April 2, 2020

We have been so inspired by seeing your virtual display boards and all your pictures of rainbows that we thought we would create our own virtual display boards where you can show your appreciation for our NHS, Teachers and Key Workers.

key worker twitter.png

We have seen so many lovely pictures shared with us on social media that we thought that we as a 2Simple community could show our key workers how much that we appreciate all that they are doing for us at this time. So we have created three display boards entitled #thanksnhs #thanksteachers and #thankskeyworkers.

We would love to fill these boards with lots of positive messages for the NHS, Teachers and key workers, it is really easy to do! All you need to do is open either 2Paint or choose a 2Paint a Picture and create a picture and message to show your thanks and submit them to the display board. You could also choose one of our ready-made projects in our Paint projects folder there are a lot of templates to choose from including a rainbow.

Once the children have created their picture and message then all they need to do is submit it to the display board of their choice, children's work will not become visible until it has been approved by one of the 2Simple team. The Display boards will be visible to the public so it is important not to include personal information in the pictures. We have created a guide within Purple Mash that explains the process as well to make it easy for children and parents to upload as well as a sample message that schools can use.

We will then share the display boards each week on our twitter pages to spread the positive messages even further. We look forward to seeing your messages and pictures enabling us all to say Thank you to our key workers