The 2Quiz Maths Competition

Feb. 7, 2017

To celebrate the release of 2Quiz, we're running a global competition for children aged 7-11, which hopes to uncover the world's most creative maths quiz.


It's maths quiz mastery - and the race is on!


As well as pride, glory, and playground admiration, there are some brilliant prizes up for grabs. The winner will walk away with 0.25*4+0.5+0.5*3 (or 3 as it can also be expressed) maths themed goodies including a maths magic kit, a junior electronics kit, and a calculator watch - oooooooooooh!


The school will also receive £100 to spend on maths resources.


Let's talk creativity. 


There are loads of ways to get creative with 2Quiz. You could blend together lots of different question styles, add pictures and sounds, give your quiz a theme like Space or Under the Sea, turn your quiz into a puzzle game, and customise the intro screen. Just let your imagination run wild!


There are plenty of videos inside Purple Mash showing you how to use 2Quiz and you can get some inspiration from our examples display board!


Purple Mash Maths Quiz Competition, examples display board


Purple Mash subscribers can log in today, download the competition guide, and get started. 


If your school hasn't signed up yet, don't worry, your junior mathematicians can still take part! Just click here to register you extended competition trial. You'll get full access to all of the Purple Mash tools and resources for 60 days, giving you plenty of time to come up with an award-worthy quiz. 




2Quiz is the perfect companion for the recently released Text toolkit!