The new Assessment Report and Class Setup page

April 14, 2016

Knowing how a child is currently performing is important, but what really counts in the classroom is progress.


The new Assessment Report puts the power of progress tracking right where it should be with you, the teacher. 


The Assessment Report 

The new assessment feature in 2Build a Profile


You'll find the new Assessment Report in the 'Assessment Area', which is also where you can view your termly attainment snapshots, change your Assessment Assistant settings and upload your Baseline assessments


The Assessment Report shows you whether a child is meeting the objectives for their age, across the whole EYFS Framework. It tracks the progress from their first assessment snapshot in the school year up to the present day. If they're performing at an age-appropriate level the bar will be blue and if not it will be red. 


You can assess the progress of a whole class in seconds! 


To use the new Assessment Report you'll need to add a D.O.B for each child. You can do this easily with the new Class Setup page


Log in to 2Build a Profile.


The new assessment report in 2Build a Profile


The new Class Setup page


Editing individual users

We've made it easier to edit individual learners and classes with our new drag and drop interface. 


Just choose a class from the list on the left hand side. As well as seeing all the learners in the class you can use the buttons at the top of the class list to:


Add = create a new class

Edit = change the name of the class 

Delete = remove the class 


You've got the same options for editing learners. Just highlight a learner in the list and chose an option. 


The Edit button will bring up the new editing screen where you can input additional information like D.O.B and UPN. You can also add/edit the picture and add notes. When you're finished editing just press Update. 


Editing learners with 2Build a Profile


You can find more detailed instructions on our support page


Adding or updating a whole class


The best way to add or update a whole class is by importing a CTF file. Just download a CTF file from SIMS that includes the pupil's name, D.O.B, UPN and gender. 


Importing learners with 2Build a Profile


If you're updating your classes (adding the D.O.B etc.) then leave the 'Update existing learners only' tickbox checked. When you upload the file it will match it against your existing learners based on the name. 


Updating classes with 2Build a Profile

If you're uploading new classes then uncheck the tickbox.


You can find more detailed instructions on our support page


Like with every part of 2Build a Profile, if you need help we're only a phone call or email away. You can reach our friendly support team on 0161 883 2332 or