They think it's all over. It is now!

July 20, 2016

The ‘Can You Mash It?’ Euro 2016 competition has come to an end and we're excited to now be able to announce the results.


We received a huge number of entries and it has been a real pleasure to view them all. A wide range of Purple Mash tools were used to create an incredible variety of submissions – we saw everything from games to branching databases.


All these creative Purple Mash tools are available as usual for your pupils to use at home over summer. Make sure they know their login details by distributing login cards containing their username and password. If you need any help with this, just contact


Ultimately, like Euro 2016 itself, there could only be one winner…


Congratulations Harley!


Harley from White Laith Primary used 2Animate to show the progression of his picture from planning to execution. It’s an amazing piece of work, displaying real creativity to turn the process behind the artwork into the art itself.


If the picture doesn't appear to be moving, click on it to get the full effect.


Harley has won a customised national team kit of his choice and White Laith will receive their choice of free CPD or six months free Purple Mash.





Our two runners up each receive a goody bag for their pictures.

Emily from The Willows primary school made us smile and reminded us what football is really all about with a delightful feline homage to Euro 2016 and all things fun!

Sophia from Alleyn Court Primary used 2Paint a Picture to create a wonderful mosaic-style trophy. 2Paint a Picture gives you a range of tools to create pictures in exactly the style you want and we think Sophia used them brilliantly here.





Bonus Prize



And we've got to mention a child who accesses Purple Mash through Place2Learn as he cannot physically attend school due to medical issues.

He coded an imaginative take on a penalty shoot-out. An elephant, a superhero and a dog try to put the ball past a moving pirate. Who will hold their nerve? We thought this was the best entry made in 2Code and so we're awarding him a goody bag too.






Click here to play on Purple Mash


We really loved judging all of the entries and there were loads of children who were deserving of a prize. In recognition of this, we'd like to award a participation certificate to every child who took part.

Click here to download your certificates



For up-to-date info regarding our future competitions please follow the Purple Mash Twitter and Facebook page.