Transition activities with Purple Mash

June 30, 2020

Transition is both an exciting and challenging time for pupils, whether that be to a new year group or new school. Preparing children for the change that is coming is important. Transition this year for all children is totally different, with some children being in school and a large part not able to return to school this academic year.

We have put together a range of activities to help pupils get ready for the next year, be that a new year group, or new school. Our new school year collection of resources contains a range of writing projects, paint projects and activities that pupils can use.

The activities cover the following topics:

  • Moving to Year 1 – Tell people all about you. Draw or write about yourself. Pupils are able to listen to the words and record themselves speaking.
  • Moving to Key Stage 2 – Compare what it has been like in Key Stage 1 to what it will be like in Key Stage 2.
  • Feelings
  • All about me – Make a poster to tell people all about you.
  • My ambition – What is your ambition? What would you like to achieve?
  • My school Day – Pupils can complete a book all about their school day.
New School year.PNG

All these activities can be set as a 2Do for pupils to work on over the next couple of weeks.

We have put together a series of activities to help pupils get prepared for the move to Secondary School.  Each activity in our new topic pack Transition to Secondary gives pupils the space to gather their thoughts and write them down. We recommend that they save each activity and come back to it regularly, taking time to reflect on what they have written and where possible share with friends and family.

There is also a guidance document for teachers that detail all the activities available. We recently ran a webinar looking at how the transition to Secondary School can be more supported with Purple Mash. You can catch up with the webinar in the recording below.

We hope that these activities help your pupils get ready for next year ahead and we would love to see any of the work that you complete. You can share on Twitter @2SimpleSoftware or @PurpleMash, or on Facebook @2SimpleUK.