Upload and access any type of file, anytime, anywhere

July 18, 2018

From pdf's to mp3's and everywhere inbetween, you can upload all sorts of files to Purple Mash and access them from anywhere.

Those days of emailing yourself important planning documents because you can't use a USB stick are gone. With a subscription to Purple Mash you can upload important files and access them in school, at home, on the beach (wi-fi permitting) or anywhere at all.

It's simple to upload your files. click the work tab and select the staff folder to get started. Then click 'upload' and either choose the file you want to upload from your PC browser, or just drag and drop the file into the box.

That's it. Now you can start work on your reports at home and finish them at school without searching through your emails.

It's 2Simple! Try Purple Mash for free.