Using Table Toons with your times table tests

Feb. 14, 2017


Many schools have times table tests to ensure children’s knowledge is secure and they have the building blocks they need to succeed. Whether your tests are high or low stakes, Table Toons can help you learn, practise, and test.




Learn the times tables   


Table Toon’s 17 cartoon superstars sing the times tables in their own unique musical style.  The tunes are so catchy, you’ll find yourself singing along to the answers. Children can create a personal music show with their choice of singers and icons.



Practise the times tables


Children can play a choice of times table games with the help of their favourite singers. It’s a great way to get used to answering times tables in a timed enviroment but without the pressure. 





Test the times tables


Put all that learning and practising under the microscope by setting a Speed Test Game and challenging children to answer the multiplication questions against the clock.


And, with the updated scores report, you can check scores in just a few clicks and see at a glance who's doing well and who needs more help.








Table Toons is included free as part of every Purple Mash licence 


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