What's New?

Jan. 12, 2016

Over the last year, there have been many changes to Purple Mash. We've added new tools, made most activities tablet friendly and added tonnes of teacher resources.


We've changed the way you do things on Purple Mash



The home page is now the place to find new releases, content that is relevent to what you're teaching right now and the place to find your 2Do's and Display Boards.


Avatars: teachers and children can create their own avatars and use them with some of the activities in Purple Mash.

Alerts: next to your avatar, you'll see a bell icon if you have any new messages. These could be alerts about new releases, new emails coming in from 2Email, or new completed 2Dos.
Scores: check your children's work in the maths games, 2Code, 2DIY quizzes (even quizzes you've made yourself).
2Dos: teachers can set work for pupils to do at school or at home, and view/assess the work all in one place.
Groups: now you can create groups that are separate from your classes and children from different classes can be part of the same group (ex. an after-school Computer Club).

Display Boards: teachers can set up display boards to showcase their pupils' work. These boards can be shared across the school or with parents at home and can even be embedded onto school blogs.


Almost all of the tools and games are tablet-friendly, giving you even more options for how you use Purple Mash.


We've added new tools


Computing: 2Email, 2Investigate

Maths: Table Toons, 2Calculate

English: 2Connect, Blank Writing Templates, 2Question

Art and design: 2Design and Make, 

2Paint a Picture


We've added new content to help teachers plan with Purple Mash


  • Teacher resources and guides, including printable PDFs for different topics, tools, and age groups
  • 2Code lesson plans
  • Curriculum maps for all UK, USA, and South Africa
  • SMSC framework map and writing frames


We've added more books and resources to Serial Mash


  • Total of 29 books for KS2
  • Easy to print SPaG resources for KS2
  • 5 books for KS1
  • New GPS resources for KS1