Winter Lesson Ideas

Jan. 12, 2016

The best way to find activities for the end of this term inside Purple Mash is by checking on the home screen for different groups of activities. The Winter category contains Writing Projects, Paint Projects, and other educational activities that can be used to get children into the festive spirit before the winter break.

Using 2Paint a Picture to create a winter-themed masterpiece

Using 2Paint a Picture, children can make winter scenes that can be saved and turned into greetings cards or printed to decorate the classroom. Below is an example of a picture made using two different styles (Slice to make the snowflake and Pattern to make it appear multiple times on one page). This could be printed and used as wrapping paper for gifts or saved and used as a background image for a Writing Project inside Purple Mash.

Using 2Create a Story to write a winter story

2Create a Story is a versatile tool that can be used on many different subjects. We recommend that you have your children prepare their story beforehand, including how it will be split over the pages, what images they will want and how these will be animated before getting on the computer. This way they will have a proper story planned and be able to focus on making it look the best it can. The story below is just an example of how the tool can be used.

Click the arrows to make the story come to life.

Practicing writing with Writing Projects

Take your pick from poems, leaflets, newspaper articles and simple text and image worksheets. Found in Purple Mash, these all cover winter topics like snow, seasonal changes, holidays, and more. Below is an example of an acrostic poem about the baubles used to decorate a Christmas tree.

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