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It's time to dust off the tinsel tool and dig out the virtual paintbrush; the fifth annual Purple Mash Festive Card Competition is now open.

The competition is open from Friday, 1st November until Monday, 25th November. This gives us time to print the prizes and deliver them to the winners before the December holidays begin in the UK.

Every year, we invite all schools, whether they are subscribers to Purple Mash or not, to enter the Festive Card Competition.

Existing subscribers can enter here.

If you are currently not a Purple Mash subscriber, you can start your extended free trial below.

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How it works

The competition is open to all children under 12 years old, and those who attend SEND provision up to the age of 18. All they need to enter is a flair for design, and a Purple Mash account, which we’re giving away for free for the duration of the competition.

Existing subscribers can enter here.

There are three age groups: under 5s, under 8s and under 12s. Those who attend SEND provision up to the age of 18 are welcome to enter the appropriate age group.

To enter, children simply design their own festive card using Purple Mash tool 2Paint a Picture and submit it to the digital display board for their age category. At the end of the competition, our favourite design from each category wins. It’s 2Simple!

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Take a look at the video for a glimpse of what's possible with 2Paint a Picture, one of over 30 creative tools within Purple Mash. Register your free festive trial to enter the competition and enjoy access to the full range of tools and games until December 9th.

Subscribers can enter the competition here.

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Purple Mash is the online learning environment that does it all. Packed full of creative tools for teachers and primary-aged children, it covers a wide range of skills and curriculum areas.

Every year we invite children to use art tool 2Paint a Picture, to errr.... paint a picture of what the festive period means to them, and we transform the best designs into the official 2Simple card.

Not only that, winning designers receive 30 personal copies of their card and 100 copies of the card for their school!

Existing subscribers to Purple Mash can enter here right now.

If you don’t currently subscribe to Purple Mash, all you have to do is register for a free trial to take part and you’ll enjoy access until December 9th, two weeks after the competition closes.

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Complete the form to register for your extended free trial of Purple Mash and gain access to the full range of Purple Mash tools and games, including the Festive Card Competition.

Subscribers can enter the competition here.