Computing Leader's Toolkit for Teach Primary Readers

Aug. 29, 2018

Here at 2Simple, we've been committed to making powerful educational software since 1999, when we first released the Infant Video Toolkit. Fast forward 19 years and our award-winning software is used in over 90% of UK primary schools, and as far away as The USA, South Africa and Australia! It's been quite a journey so far.

Our most popular products today are Purple Mash and 2Build a Profile.

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Purple Mash is an online environment for teachers, children and parents full of creative, educational tools, games and themed resources for use at school, home, or anywhere else with internet access. Teachers can assign projects to pupils and completed work can be shared via digital display boards and blogs.

2Build a Profile is a formative assessment app for capturing observations on the move. Painlessly record progress with photos and videos and share reports with parents with ease.


Our commitment to supporting teachers extends to producing high quality content that makes teachers' roles as simple as possible, and making it available for free. Part of that commitment is the computing leader's toolkit.

The computing leader's toolkit gives you all the tools you need to establish excellence in computing at your school, in one place. It's packed full of practical documents that no school should be without.

If only the Purple Mash Computing Leader's Toolkit was around a few years ago, it would have saved me so much time and my organisation would have been top notch. I highly recommend that ALL computing leaders explore this toolkit, you will find EDITABLE resources and documents that you didn't even realise would be of use. My favourite section (I couldn't choose one document) is the progression of skills. This handy colour coded collection of resources informs teachers and pupils of the steps to success in computing and features links to the Purple Mash computing scheme of work.

This toolkit provides leaders to the resources to support their teachers, ensuring that our primary aged students have the opportunity to gain those computing and digital skills vital to 21st century learning!

Donna Shah, Digital Technology Lead, Newington Green and Rotherfield Primary Schools

What's in the toolkit

Whether you're a new computing lead, or more experienced and looking to take your computing program to the next level, you're sure to find what you need right here.

Existing subscribers to Purple Mash have full access to editable versions of the toolkit here.

acceptable use universal.png

Acceptable use agreements

These are essential in helping to establish a shared safe practice school culture. There are separate documents for:

  • EYFS
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Parents/carers
  • Staff

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Action plans

Action plans which contain concise and achievable actions will help Computing Leaders demonstrate better impact. They should always consider the overall current position of a school and a school’s aims for the academic year.
The toolkit includes:

  • An example action plan containing guidance on how to formulate a successful plan, that you can edit to suit your needs
  • A template action plan for computing leaders without a set proforma

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Auditing computing

Auditing Computing will help you gain a better insight into strengths and weaknesses. Audits should be used to help support formulation of key actions for the Action Plan and measure impact of existing actions.

The toolkit contains a comprehensive set of questions to probe strengths and weaknesses of computing with space to formulate key actions.

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Computing policy

Every school needs a computing policy, created in collaboration with senior leaders and nominated safeguarding staff.

This example policy is the ideal starting point and easily adapted to your school's needs.

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computing policy v2 - BB edit.png

Glossary of online safety terminology

Staff should have a good understanding of online safety. Their knowledge of current terminology and current trends should be secure in order to help them spot potential risks to children.

This glossary is designed for use in staff only areas.

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Parent/carer voice

Understanding pupils, parents/carers experience and knowledge of computing and online safety is a must. The frequency and method of gaining insight from these important school stakeholders should be agreed with senior leaders.

The toolkit contains:

  • Pupil voice for computing proformas for EYFS, Key Stage 1, and Key Stage 2
  • Pupil voice for online safety proformas for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
  • Parent/carer voice for computing and online safety proforma

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Progression of skills

Having clearly-defined skills to be learnt in each teaching session supports teachers in delivering high-quality lessons that lead to high-quality outcomes for all learners. Furthermore, this supports greater precision when assessing pupil performance.

The toolkit contains:

  • Years 1 to 6 progression of skills document
  • Individual year group versions
  • A large wall display for communal areas
  • Individual statement versions to share with children when focusing on specific skills

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Safeguarding poster

Does everyone know who the safeguarding team are in school? Would visiting teachers know who to go to with a concern? Having visual posters with images and contact details of the Safeguarding Team is reassuring and ultimately, good practice.

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The more reflective a leader is, the more standards in their subject will be driven forward.

This comprehensive tool will help self-reflection. Best used once a term, it can be used as supporting evidence for appraisals.

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Staff surveys

Understanding staff capability and overall knowledge will help a Computing Leader grasp a clear picture of which areas need attention. Whenever surveys are conducted, strong emphasis should be placed on staff being as transparent as possible with their responses.

The toolkit contains both an online safety survey and a computing survey for all staff.

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Tips for computing leaders

A quick-start set of tips which are designed to be kept in a Computing Leaders file.

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Existing subscribers to Purple Mash have full access to editable versions of the toolkit here.