About 2Simple

2Simple has been making powerful and creative educational software for over 15 years, during which time we have won over 40 industry awards and become a trusted name in the industry. The company is based in the UK but 2Simple tools are used in classrooms all over the world.

The aim of our software is to create a space where children can learn while being creative, using the technology and tools they will have to use for the rest of their lives. We take difficult concepts and make them accessible to children of all abilities.

We are dedicated to making software that raises standards, enhances the learning experience, and saves teachers' time.

In 1999 we released the Infant Video Toolkit, a child-friendly office suite for desktop publishing, painting, graphing and coding. Today over 90% of UK primary schools use 2Simple software and our tools are used by teachers and students all around the world, in countries like South Africa, India, Sweden, The UAE, and the USA.

A global family…

Schools and curriculums change from country to country but the passion, dedication and commitment of teachers remains the same around the world. To inspire children while preparing them for later life is our passion as well. We want all teachers wherever they may be to have access to the most innovative resources and the highest level of support.

Today our two most popular tools are Purple Mash and 2Build a Profile. Purple Mash is website for primary and elementary school students full of tools, educational games and themed resources. A self-contained resource, Purple Mash can be used as a class or for independent study. 2Build a Profile is a formative assessment app that enables teachers to track children’s progress in a fast and effective way. They are able to create reports that can be shared with parents at the touch of a button.