Get Ready for Ofsted

The new Ofsted framework was introduced in September 2019. The primary concern was that the previous framework put pressure on schools to focus on assessments. Consequently, the quality of the curriculum had become second place to performance measures and preparation for tests. The new framework encourages a broad and rich curriculum, as well as ensuring leadership support teacher workload, particularly with consideration to assessment and marking issues.

All of our products help primary teachers be the experts in everything, giving teachers the resources to be confident in teaching all subjects, from computing to PE; and they're all housed in platforms designed to save teacher time.

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Evidence Me

The new Ofsted framework has a huge focus on supporting teachers to reduce their workload and ensuring consideration has been given to planning, marking and assessment issues.

Evidence Me has been designed in collaboration with teachers, to lighten your workload and simplify observation, assessment and reporting processes. 

Reporting: You can use the collected data from the in-app 1-touch assessment to create clear and concise reports, that will stay on the app for as long as you have a subscription. The reporting types include; Teach Next, Coverage Flight Path and Individual Coverage reports.

Auto Suggesting of Objectives: Based on the notes you make about an observation, objectives and next steps will be suggested automatically, saving time by avoiding scrolling through a list of objectives and next steps.

Sharing Across Devices: Observations are updated across other devices in the school setting, so you and your teaching assistant aren’t evidencing the same observations twice.