Strive for Resilience

If your pupils are going to achieve great things, they’ll need to be tough little cookies. Striver’s six wellbeing units have been designed to develop resilience in children, so when they leave your school, you’ll know they’re ready to take on the world.

Striver has been created to improve primary aged pupils’ long-term physical and mental wellbeing. We do that by ensuring children of all abilities feel motivated and engaged, and teachers of all experience levels feel confident and in control. It's the only platform that puts PE and wellbeing in one place!

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Dedicated wellbeing units, covering; nutrition, sleep, personal care, mindfulness, yoga and teamwork. Our wellbeing units are in line with the new statutory Health and Education guidelines.

Full PE scheme of work with over 250 lessons. Includes easy to follow steps, supporting diagrams, and teaching resources. Striver meets the requirements of the Sports Premium Fund.

One-touch in lesson assessment tool lets you collect assessment data in seconds via the Striver app and everything is synced centrally so your data's always on-hand.

Whole school calendar function makes it simple to organise PE and wellbeing across the school, guaranteeing you've got full curriculum coverage for every class.

Our ‘Skill Development Activities’ enable children of all abilities experience a meaningful sense of skill development working towards their own personal goals and helps them develop a growth mindset.