#worldbookday Thursday 5th March

We’ve just launched Dot Com Digital, our new (and free!) safeguarding and wellbeing platform and have included a special edition ‘Adventure Story Book’ for #worldbookday. The story brings you on an adventure with ‘Dot’ and her friends, while also sharing messages about being safe online. The #worldbookday session includes lot's of reading and writing activities.

Benefits of Dot Com Digital

  • Supports the new statutory Health and Education Regulations as well as being cited in DFE Online Safety Guidance as a tool to prevent online harm.

  • Dot Com or 'Dot' is a cartoon friend to children that talks to them in their own language and helps them learn how to speak up about issues which frighten or worry them.

  • Identifies children who may be at risk of threats with help from the ‘Dot Minute’ feature, where children can request time with their teacher to discuss any worries or concerns.