October 10th 2019

Most mental health problems emerge by age 14 and so it's important that we promote positive wellbeing, and start building resilience, before children leave primary school. And because physical and mental health are intertwined we thought it made sense that teachers could find PE and wellbeing resources in the same place - that's why we've launched Striver!

Alongside a full PE scheme of work there are six wellbeing topics that children explore each year. The topics are Nutrition, Sleep, Yoga, Mindfulness, Teamwork and Leadership, and Personal Care.

Regardless of prior experience, our step-by-step lesson plans, with supporting resources, mean you'll always feel calm and in control.

What better way to mark World Mental Health Day than to try a wellbeing lesson with your class.

Free no-obligation 14 day trial

Access to half of Striver's PE and wellbeing lessons, including Nutrition, Sleep, and Yoga.

Full access to all technical features of the platform, including assessment and reporting.