Everything you need to teach remotely with Purple Mash

Jan. 18, 2021

An image representing remote education with Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Did you know that Purple Mash has a whole section solely dedicated to getting you, the teacher, up and running with using the program for Remote Learning? Last year when we were all told schools would be moving to a blended teaching approach, the task was a daunting one for all teachers. Tried and tested methods and resources would have had to be significantly adjusted to suit a more online approach and all teachers needed to find not only teaching tools but platforms which would aide the move to digital.

We are pleased to report that a number of our teachers did indeed use Purple Mash as a resource to help the process. They made excellent use of the resource, the tracking and assessment tools and utilized the various ways Purple Mash helps fluid communication between teacher, learner and parent.

What a lot of teachers don't know is that there is a whole section dedicated to Distance Learning. There is a section which focuses on the teacher. In that sections teachers can download resources, receive training, read how to set things up, communicate, assess, and collaborate with learners and parents. There is also a Parent Specific section that helps the parent navigate the site and understand how the program works.

Home teaching.PNG
Parent support.PNG

There is also a pdf full of ideas for activities at home. Purple Mash has suggested how the various tools, such as 2blog, 2email etc can be used within the various learning areas to create useful and mindful activities for your learners to complete at home.

As we repeatedly mention, Purple Mash can be used across the curriculum and across Grades 0 - 7 to aid learning as a primary resource and as extra-curricular or extension exercises.

Have fun exploring the section which can be found HERE and remember to share your find with the rest of your teachers in the phase so you can get a comprehensive, holistic and varied use out of your subscription.

If you require further info or training on any of the above please EMAIL us.