Getting to the nitty gritty of teaching through Purple Mash

Jan. 28, 2021

An image representing remote education with Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd

We have spent considerable time expanding on all the tools that can be found in Purple Mash and how you can use them in the classroom. They are all amazing in their own right, but we have to put them all together into the actual act of prepping and teaching a lesson. To do that you have to load a lesson onto the program.

We have seen how you can set tasks for individuals, groups or the whole class in Purple Mash, but what about introducing a lesson and possibly teaching a concept?

When you set a 2Do, you can add a brief introduction or set of instructions either written or verbally. You can then add audio to Word Bins and Checklists within written activities by clicking the Teacher Mode (hat) within an activity and selecting the pencil next to a word or phrase and then clicking the sound file and recording.

If you wish to add a video introduction, then you can in two different ways...

  • Record a video introduction and save as a MP4 file > open your class folder > select Upload from the menu on the right
  • Record a video and use the embed code to add to a blog post in 2Blog. Add new post and click HTML button, paste in the pop-up box > OK

NB I used Screencastify a free Chrome plugin https://www.screencastify.com/

Once you have the lesson structure in place you can decide which of the tools and the classwork material to use to teach the concepts. As you know we have a vast library of resources and have an activity for most themes or topics.

Please contact us on EMAIL if you require training on this or a walk through demo.