Lift Off for World Space Week 2021

Sept. 23, 2021

World Space Week is a UN declared celebration of space held annually, every October 4 to 10. It is the largest space event on Earth, with thousands of events held in 96 countries. These events are organized by thousands of organizations, including space agencies, aerospace companies, astronomy clubs and museums.

Every year, World Space Week Association selects a theme and in 2021 World Space Week (WSW) celebrates “Women in Space”.  Although, STEM subjects are seen as being male dominated, there have been a wide range of amazing women in space and as well as highlighting their stories during the week, this year's WSW also hopes to inspire future female astronauts.

There are lots of Space resources within Purple mash and Serial mash that you can use during World Space week.

world space week FB.png

Celebrate Women in Space with Purple Mash

With the theme of Women in Space this year, it would be the perfect time for students to research the impact that women have had in Space. Why not use one of the fact files in Purple Mash for students to use to present their findings. They could research Helen Sharman, a British Chemist who is best known for being the one of the first British astronauts and women to visit the Mir Space Station, Mae Carol-Jemison an American engineer and former NASA astronaut who was the first black woman to travel into space, or Maggie Aderin Pocock, a British space-scientist, science educator and television presenter of BBC’s astrology programme, The Sky at night.

The children could also watch the film Hidden Figures, the film is based on the true story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, three African American mathematicians who contributed to the success of the first American to orbit Earth. Into film have also produced a range of resources to accompany the film that help students explore the film’s themes of diversity, equality and careers in STEM. Students could also use 2Publish Plus to create a leaflet, webpage or information page to write about what they have found out.

Other Space Resources in Purple Mash

Other resources within Purple Mash that focus on scape include a solar system scene that students can create and write about, perhaps with information about each planet or a hand mnemonic to remember the names, or they could create a guide to the planets in the Solar System.  Students can make use of our Planets Database in 2Investigate to find out the answers to a range of questions in our Planet Quiz.  They can also practice their coding skills by sending a rocket to space using 2Code and creating a countdown to launch.  We also have a range of printable resources for Space that are perfect if you do not have access to devices.

There is also a tab of resources within EYFS area Mini Mash, including Pictures and labels for the classroom. Alongside this are a range of paint projects and writing projects all themed around Space, and of course there's our popular Mashcams. There is so much to use during World Space Week that you can take your class' imaginations to infinity, and beyond!

Discover Space with Serial Mash

Serpents of the Nebula within online library Serial Mash would be perfect to read during World Space Week. It tells the story of when the spaceship HMS Horizon is attached by mighty space serpents, Tazz and Julam find they are the only ones who can help save the ship. There are 5 chapters perfect for guided reading or whole class reading, each accompanied by a range of grammar, comprehension and writing activities.

Whatever you are doing for World Space Week we would love to see your work. You can share via Twitter, or on our Facebook page #WSW2021