Meet the Parents

Jan. 28, 2021

A parent and child using 2Dos in Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Remote learning has become a part of most people's lives. Parents have become a critical link in effective teaching of our youngsters. Most parents do not come from the Education sector and many of them are not well versed in navigating IT programs and manipulating the tools you are using to teach their children.

We need to be mindful of giving the parents access to information and training and making sure we are clear in our instructions on how to aide their child's learning while learning remotely.

The overwhelming message that comes across, if you trawl through parent support groups on Social Media, is that they all feel out of the depth. They are struggling to juggle a job, home, school and full time care for the children. There are many humorous meme's of parents trying to navigate their child's schoolwork on line so we can assume this is a very real problem.

Purple Mash is easy to navigate once you know how it works. As such, to avoid frustration and our learners from being disadvantaged, we need to make sure the parents are trained in how to use the program. Here is a good way to make sure they are set for success;

Make sure you have sent the login details home. You can even print off a letter to send home with the login card embedded in it. The login cards have a parent code, that allows a parent to create their own account. The parent account can be used to access Purple Mash for all students the parent may have at your school. To print login cards just open Purple Mash and from the home page > Admin > Print Student Logins > Select class/individuals/group > Select format

Make sure you send home step- by - step instructions on even the most basic steps like setting up a login.

SID - Parent Guide.PNG
parent portal.png

Detail a comprehensive guide when setting any 2Do. Make sure there is no margin for error and that everyone is able to find the activity, complete it and submit the results. The act of successfully completing a task is a satisfaction in itself and a thumbs up to a job well done!

We have a whole Parent Portal that can be used to up-skill the parent. You can access it from HERE.

You can decide what aspects you want to train the parents on and send home bite sized information packs or one of our informative pdf's. Once again, please EMAIL us if you require any further information on the above or need a training session for you and your team.