Purple Mash Pioneers Program

Purple Mash is used in 6,750 schools across the world and 2Simple Programs are used in over a thousand South African Schools.

Dozens of schools in South Africa already use Purple Mash, but we feel there are thousands more who would benefit from finding out more about it. We are looking for forward thinking educators who are excited about Digital Technologies to join us in spreading great practice.

What does membership in the program entail?

• Preferential pricing which can be up to 50% off.

• Free access to Serial Mash included with your licence.

• Your choice of either a Digital Leaders or Mash Club kit sent to your school.

• Entry to a special annual Purple Pioneers only competition.

In addition the actions taken while in the program can be a useful part of your professional development encouraging you to step outside the immediate school environment and share good practice with a wider audience.

Any assistance you can give us in spreading the word about Purple Mash would be appreciated.

Any of the items below would be tremendously helpful in letting other schools know about Purple Mash.

  • Write a Guest Blog post with a case study about how you use Purple Mash.
  • Host a Mash Meet at your school, where other schools are invited to attend and find out how Purple Mash works.
  • Give a talk or presentation at an event about how you use Purple Mash.
  • Invite a 2Simple representative to give a presentation to a cluster or organisation you are a member of.
  • Star in a video about Purple Mash
  • Send an email to teachers at other schools introducing them to 2Simple and Purple Mash

If you are interested in any of these then please get in touch with us before hand, because we can help you maximise the affect.

Other things that could be useful

  • Post on your school blog about Purple Mash
  • Tweet or send other social media messages about Purple Mash
  • Provide short testimonials about what you love about Purple Mash
  • Provide feedback about how to improve Purple Mash
  • Add a link on your website to www.2simple.com.za/purple-mash/

If you do any of these actions then please do let us know so that we can spread your message further.

Terms and Conditions

By accepting the discounted rates for the subscription then schools agree that the content related to any of the actions above can be used by 2Simple to promote Purple Mash, this could be done by sharing it via Social Media, using it in print or electronic media, content may be used in whole or in part.

Whether the reduced rates are offered at the renewal date will be at the discretion of 2Simple, depending on what actions the school has taken during the initial licence to help promote Purple Mash.