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Nov. 23, 2020

An image showing 2Design and Make from Purple Mash on a table by 2Simple Ltd

What can be more satisfying than designing your own object, and then seeing it come alive? 2Design and Make allows the children to do just that. Fire up the application, and the first thing you’ll see is a selection of templates to get you started.

You can find more shapes and structures by clicking the large arrows. I’ve decided to design my own koala rescue vehicle! Clicking on the picture of a truck brings up a simple drawing of a truck, and the first thing I can do is use the painting tools to colour it in.

Choose a model.JPG

The application is more than just another version of 2Paint though. You also have a ‘net’ view and a 3D view. The net view shows you what the shape will look like when printed onto a piece of card. Why would you do that? In order to fold the card into the shape you’ve designed on the screen.

The 3D screen enables you to see what your shape will look like from all different angles. You can print the net view by clicking on the print icon. This will generate a pdf file, which you can print onto card. Then you just need a pair of scissors, some tape and time to fold the card into the shape you’ve designed.

Rescue Truck.JPG

If you have a 3D printer in your school, you can make the objects you’ve designed in plastic. To do so, you’ll need to generate an STL file, which you can do by clicking on the STL icon at the top left of the screen. You could have your students creating their own model rainforest or emergency parts to send to the International Space Station!

You’ll find plenty of suggestions and instructions in the two pdf documents provided under the heading ‘Support’. Just type ‘2design’ in the search bar, and they’ll appear on your screen.


In summary, 2Design and Make is a tool that allows you to create 3D objects from a 2D interface. You can print out your creations - cars and trucks, houses, hats, flowers, cubes, gift boxes, masks and more, then fold and stick them together. One great use is to create a 3D neighbourhood or town, complete with buses and cars. It’s also a great way to explore shapes in Maths using the 3D shape template. Find 2Design and Make in the Tools Library.

Enjoy exploring! To get you started here is a handy 'less than 10 minute' video More than nets! Exploring shape in 2Design and Make.

2Design and Make ideas.png
Transport Small.png

Please contact us HERE if you require training in any of our creative tools. Also, please remember to show your colleagues this wonderful tool. We think they and their students will love it too!