National Coding Week - 14th September 2020

Sept. 10, 2020

National Coding week is a volunteer-led organisation founded in 2014. It aims to help build people’s confidence and skills by encouraging volunteers to run fun and engaging digital events. If you are joining in with #NationalCodingWeek we have picked our top three ways that you can support coding in school.

Coding tools in Purple Mash

Purple Mash

Within Purple Mash, there are a range of tools that can support you with Coding in school. These tools can be used on their own, with activities chosen for #NationalCodingWeek or teachers can use the detailed coding plans contained within the  Purple Mash computing scheme of work. There is a medium-term plan for each unit accompanied by detailed individual plans that walk the teacher through the lesson.

The short video below provides a guide to coding in Purple Mash:

Within the computing scheme of work, there is also a pdf for each year group setting out the computing vocabulary and definitions as well as knowledge organisers for each unit that set out the key learning, resources, vocabulary, key images and key questions for that unit.

To celebrate #NationalCodingWeek we have made the following games free for all schools to use during the week. During lockdown there were countless Tick Tok videos created and shared, so why not get your pupils to take part in our Tick Tock clock challenge although it may not be quite the same! They can also try out our Genie in the bottle game and feed some ducks all while expanding their coding capability!

For those we take part in #NationalCodingWeek you can celebrate their work with this certificate.

Mash Club

You could also use the week to set up your Mash Club, the Purple Mash computing club, includes everything you need to get started including a guide to getting started, a range of sessions and printable resources. Read our blog on Mash Club and see how one parent used his own technological skills and mash club to run an online club for Year 2.

Python in Pieces

Finally, our award-winning Python in Pieces resource can be used. Transition your students from block-based coding to Python with guided lessons open-ended activities and the ability to translate block-code to Python in both directions. Designed by teachers to empower the specialist and non-specialist to teach KS3 coding with confidence, Python is also perfect for developing the coding capability of your Year 6 students, the guided lessons allow students to manage their own learning and teacher solution guides enable teachers to support student learning at every step.

PIP code.png

Whatever you do for #NationalCodingWeek we would love to see your coding creations shared with us on either our Facebook and Twitter pages.