Queen Victoria Birthday activities

May 20, 2020

Queen Victoria was born on the 24th May 1819 and is one of the most famous monarchs in history and until Queen Elizabeth II, her reign was the longest of any monarch in British history and came to be known as the Victorian Era. As well as being Queen at home, she was Queen over all the British Empire.

Queen Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, London and was actually christened ‘Alexandrina Victoria but she preferred to be known by her second name of Victoria and her family nickname was Drina.  Victoria could speak many languages and her first language was German. She was taught at home and particularly enjoyed painting, something that she enjoyed doing into her 60s.  She came to the throne when she was 18, although her coronation happened a year later on 28 June, 1838, in a 5-hour ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Children can use this template to write a newspaper report about the coronation. Queen Victoria married when she was 21 and she was the first monarch to take up residence at Buckingham Palace. She had 9 children, 40 grandchildren and 37 great-grandchildren.

Her Husband Prince Albert died in 1861 and queen Victoria mourned his death for almost 10 years and for the rest of her reign wore black. What else can children find out about Queen Victoria? They can carry out their own research and use this template to write up their research. They can also use 2Respond to email Queen Victoria or why not try imagining themselves as Queen Victoria with our Mashcam.

The Victorian period was a time of tremendous change for Britain, it was also the time of the Industrial revolution. Inventions during this time meant that it was quicker to produce goods, travel and get in touch with people, thanks to inventions such as the steam train, the telegraph and the telephone.

There were so many things invented during this time that we take for granted today, children could use 2Quiz to create a quiz based on inventions during this time. People started using electricity for the first time and going on holiday to the seaside. Children can compare transport, homes, toys and holidays from what we have now to the Victorian Era. Life as a child in Victorian times was very different from what it is now, with many having to work, and it was only in 1870 the children between the ages of 5 and 10 had to attend school.

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