World Mental Health Day and teachers

Oct. 10, 2018

Mental Health affects how we think, feel and act and is equally as important as physical health. Increasing pressure on teachers has led to 75% of school and college staff suffering from psychological or physical symptoms, contributing to 35,000 teachers leaving the profession this year alone.

10 top tips for NQT observation survival

Sept. 21, 2018

You’re a good few weeks into your first teaching position and are very much still learning to get to grips with EVERYTHING! You have an imminent observation coming up and you still don’t know exactly how you should make this an ‘all singing, all dancing’ lesson to wow your children and amaze your observers.

Well, don’t worry. These ten top tips for NQTs will support you in getting the outcomes you expect.

NQT observation survival tips.png
Upload and access any type of file, anytime, anywhere

July 18, 2018

From pdf's to mp3's and everywhere inbetween, you can upload any type of file to Purple Mash and access it from anywhere.

Upload files to Purple Mash staff folder